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It is important to carefully read these Terms of Sale (“Terms of Sale”) of the Internet site (“the Website”) before purchasing a Holiday Voucher. In addition to our privacy protection policies, these General Terms govern the contractual relationship with reference to this website, and the purchase of the Holiday Vouchers made through this Website.
If you have any doubts regarding these Terms of Sale, please contact us by sending an email to booking@rizzantehotels.com before continuing.
Please tick the box “I accept” to accept these Terms of Sale in the section “Confirm Holiday Voucher” before making payment.


1.1 The Holiday Vouchers purchased on the Website www.rizzanteholidaybond.it are sold directly by Rizz Immobiliare s.r.l., with registered office in Jesolo (VE), Via Dante Alighieri II Accesso al Mare, 11 Area Code 30016 – owner of this Website – registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Venice and Rovigo under VAT no. 03543820272.


“Rizzante Hotels” is the group of hotels/restaurants and bars that form part of the offer;
“Offer” is what is described here
“Website” is the website www.rizzanteholidaybond.it
Holiday Voucher: is an investment in the future. By purchasing a Holiday Voucher now at the nominal value chosen by the Customer, he/she will earn 30% more than the purchase value. The Customer can choose how to use the Holiday Voucher at one of the facilities forming part of the Rizzante Hotels group, subject to availability, in accordance with the duration indicated below.
Voucher: this document is issued by Rizzante Hotel, and contains the customer’s personal details, the nominal amount of the purchase and the corresponding real value that can be spent by the Customer. 


3.1 Customers who wish to avail of this offer must go to the WEBSITE and follow the steps set out therein: i.e. indicate the amount at the nominal value of the Holiday Voucher, enter the personal data required for the purchase and make the payment using paypal or a credit card and/or in any case with a safe payment system.

3.2 The Customer must fill out all the data otherwise the voucher cannot be issued.3.2 The Customer must fill out all the data otherwise the voucher cannot be issued. 

3.3 Once payment has been received, the seller will send the voucher for the real amount in electronic form (i.e. the nominal amount plus the 30% earned by the Customer).


4.1 Once the voucher has been received via email, it will have to be printed on paper and/or kept on the computer.

4.2 The Voucher can be used for:
Overnight stay / longer stays at one of the Rizzante Hotels;
Stays at the Rizzante Hotels’ apartments;
Food & beverage services at one or more of the Rizzante Hotels Group restaurants or bars.
Entry to a spa and/or spa treatments at one of the Rizzante Hotels’ facilities.

4.3 The real amount of the voucher purchased can be spent on one stay only or on a number of different occasions.

4.4 If the Customer wishes to use the Voucher for stays at the hotels or apartments, he/she should call the number +39.0421 382003 or write an email to booking@rizzantehotels.com to book the holiday, noting the series number of the Voucher Holiday Bond when booking. The voucher will have to be printed and delivered when checking in.

4.5 If the Customer wishes to use the food & beverage services Voucher at the Group restaurants or bars, or to go to a spa or enjoy spa treatments, he/she will just have to show the voucher upon arrival.

4.6 If the price of the stay or other services used by the Customer is less than the value of the Voucher, the Group will transfer the remaining amount of the voucher to a Card with the remaining credit amount.

4.7 The Voucher can be used up until the real amount indicated in it has been reached. If the cost of the services used by the Customer is higher than the real value of the Voucher, the Group will ask the Customer to pay the difference.


5.1 The Voucher cannot be reimbursed or converted into money or replaced with other goods or services.

5.2 It cannot be resold or renegotiated between private parties.

5.3 However the Voucher can be transferred for free between private parties. The transfer can also be partial.


6.1 The Voucher can be used pursuant to article 4 of these general terms, once 60 days have passed from receipt of the Voucher and depending on the revocation of official orders relating to the healthcare emergency involving the closure of public businesses and movement of people.

6.2 The Voucher will have a duration of 36 months starting from the date on which it was purchased.


7.1 Use of the Voucher shall depend on availability at the facilities chosen by the Customer. Customers are therefore asked to book the service requested well in advance.

7.2 The Voucher cannot be used with other offers or promotions.


8.1 In accordance with the provisions of article 52 Legislative Decree 21/2014 (Consumer Code), the customer has the right to withdraw from the Voucher purchase contract – without any penalties or requirement to give reasons – within the mandatory term of fourteen calendar days from the date of receipt of the Voucher. If the date of receipt of the Voucher cannot be ascertained, it will be considered to be the date of receipt of payment from the Customer.

8.2 The right of withdrawal will have to be exercised by sending, within the above-mentioned term of 14 days, a communication in which the wish to withdraw from the contract is expressed, to be sent by registered letter with notice of receipt and/or by certified email (PEC) to the following address rizz@legalmail.it. When giving notice of withdrawal, the Voucher will have to be attached in order for the withdrawal to take effect.

8.3 If the Customer does not exercise the right of withdrawal within the terms and using the mechanisms stated above, the order will be understood to be definitive and binding.

8.4 Withdrawal exercised in accordance with this article shall immediately terminate the contract: upon receipt by Rizzante Hotels of the registered letter and/or the certified email (PEC), the parties will be released from their respective obligations under said contract. If the Customer has exercised the right of withdrawal within the proper timeframes and using the right mechanisms, he/she will have the right to reimbursement of the amount paid (nominal value of the Holiday Bond Voucher), which may be done, at the choice of Rizzante Hotel, either by crediting back the amount to the credit card or by bank transfer, within 30 working days from the date of receipt by Rizzante Hotels of the registered letter and/or certified email (PEC).


9.1 In relation to the processing of the personal data of the customer related to performance of this contract, Rizz-Immobiliare Srl, it its capacity as Controller, undertakes, for the activities it is responsible for, to comply with the provisions of the EU Privacy Regulation 679/2016, and fulfil all the obligations provided under said European regulations with regard to the profiles of confidentiality, secrecy, and security of the personal data acquired to perform this contract, and for the activities carried out under its provisions.

9.2 By accepting these general contract terms, the Customer declares that he/she has fully reviewed the privacy information report relating to the processing of the personal data that relates to him/her, which forms an integral part of this contract, and that can be accessed by the link on the website and shown at the foot of the Voucher.

9.3 The Customer declares that he/she understands the sense and scope, and in particular that he/she has reviewed the purpose for which Rizz-Immobiliare Srl requires and processes the personal data of the Customer, which stems from the express consent of the Customer or other reasons provided for by the Privacy Regulation (contractual purposes; legal purposes; purposes relating to the legitimate interests of the Controller).


10.1 Italian law shall apply to the contract of sale of the Voucher, and more specifically, the provisions pursuant to articles 50 et seq. of section II of Chapter I title III of Legislative Decree 206/2005 (consumer code) regarding “distance contracts”.

10.2 For all disputes relating to the interpretation, performance, or termination of the contract of sale of the Voucher, the Judge of the Place in which the Customer – a Natural Person, has residence or domicile if located in the territory of Italy shall have jurisdiction, with no exceptions.